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Little Villains

Little Villains rock band

LV current line-up: Owen Childs, James Childs and Chris Fielden

LITTLE VILLAINS were formed in 2006 by none other than the legendary MOTÖRHEAD drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, James Childs of AVON & UK rock group AIRBUS and the Welsh bass player Owen Street of desert rockers WAXY & sludge group VAILS. The band plays hard and heavy rock and roll, that’s it.

Little Villains original line-up

LV original line-up: James Childs, Owen Street and Phil Taylor

Unfortunately, Philthy is no longer with us, but his music shines on in true Motörspirit with his exceptional performances on the LITTLE VILLAINS Philthy Lies and Taylor Made albums, proving his explosive drumming technique was more than intact many years after his departure from MOTÖRHEAD.

Despite personal circumstance preventing the band from ever breaking out, it was decided that the music deserved to be heard. The band signed to HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS to release Philthy Lies and later to CLEOPATRA RECORDS to release Taylor Made. Alan Davey of HAWKWIND joined the band to play bass on Taylor Made

Little Villains Taylor Made line-up

LV Taylor Made line-up: James Childs, Phil Taylor and Alan Davey

Chris Fielden of AIRBUS now plays drums with the band and Owen Childs has joined to play lead guitar. In February 2020, the band recorded 30 new tracks at the Stujo in LA. The new album Achtung Minen is being released on Spira Records.

Little Villains

Little Villains are:

James Childs - bass, guitar and vocals

James Childs

Christopher Fielden - drums

Christopher Fielden

Owen Childs - guitar

Owen Childs Little Villains


Philip Taylor - drums

Philthy Animal Taylor Little Villains

Alan Davey - bass

Alan Davey

Owen Street - bass

Owen Street


Achtung Minen (2020)

Achtung Minen by Little Villains

Achtung Minen will be released on 27th November 2020 on Spira Records in CD and Vinyl format

Available from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and more 

You can learn more about the album by reading James's interview with Mythaxis Review

Taylor Made (2020)

Taylor Made

Available from Cleopatra Records

Read press coverage about Taylor Made on:

Blabber Mouth - Brave Words - Rock Arena -

"I found the music catchy, energetic, melodic, hard rockin', vibrant, and diverse, with a modern groove, lots of character within the song structures, there, the musicianship is thrilling, I think the band sound great. Good solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting, and fabulous vocals throughout, and you can feel the energy and sound waves through the speakers." Fireworks Magazine

Philthy Lies (2019)

Philthy Lies

Available from Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Reviews of Philthy Lies:

"This debut is a half-hour slice of a rock and roll dream cake. Philthy Lies is a testament to the professionalism of Philthy Animal Taylor and is proof that he was still a rock and roll giant, even 15 years after his departure from MOTÖRHEAD." Denta Fuzz - read full review

"Fast. Heavy. Dynamic. Urgent. Philthy and James make a fusion between their two styles." Core and Co - read full review

"Philthy Lies is a great album. The record sounds honest and spontaneous, and the studio chats between the songs reinforce this feeling." - Lords of Metal - read full review


Summer 2004

As fate would have it, two British musicians met by chance at an electronics store on the other side of the world in Los Angeles, California.

With a smirk one of them said, “You probably recognize me, don’t you?”

The other snickered and replied, “Yeah, no shit!”

With that, the two locked into familiar British humour in between the ‘what the fuck brought you here’ conversation.

P: “What are you doing on Monday?”

J: “Dunno, starting a band?”

P: “Okay, I’ll be round with a 6 pack.”

J: “Uhh… okay, great.”

Seemingly impressed with each other’s cars – a black 1970’s Corvette Stingray hot rod and a Porsche 924 sporting a Union Jack paint job – they sped away, back into the Jungle.

Over a large tasty jacket spud and a homemade schlop, LITTLE VILLAINS were formed by the one and only Philthy Animal Taylor formerly of MOTÖRHEAD and Mr James Alexander Childs of AVON.

Regular jamming ensued with a lot of ideas being demoed in-between endless banter and stories of the road.

2005 rolled around and James headed off on the road in support of the Vic du Monte’s IDIOT PRAYER and PERSONA NON GRATA releases.

Backstage at a show in the UK, James was impressed that a group of lads had travelled all the way from Swansea in Wales to Bristol to see the band, as explained by a rather rowdy young lad called Owen Street.

He hooked up a show with his band The Buffalo Kings in Swansea where James saw him shred the bass guitar for the first time and immediately invited him to LA to jam with Philthy.

Owen somehow showed up the following year complete with bass guitar, surf board and Ford Mustang convertible.

The LITTLE VILLAINS line-up was complete!

Little Villains in LA

After some crazy nights, jamming and living the dream, LITTLE VILLAINS were ready for the studio.

In February 2007, James accompanied Phil to his lockup to locate Phil’s original DW drum kit from 1982 for the session at Unit A studio in Palm Springs, California, where tracks for the Philthy Lies album were laid down.

After the sessions, James and Phil discussed management and the possible future for the band. They both decided that circumstances beyond their control would prevent them from pursuing it any further. However, they agreed to continue to record for fun.

So, with that, James continued his career with Vic du Monte’s PERSONA NON GRATA and formed AVON .

Owen joined the desert band WAXY touring with the likes of KYUSS LIVES and formed his killer Welsh sludge duo VAILS.

Unfortunately, Philthy was taken ill in 2011 and would leave the USA for good, returning to the UK where he eventually passed away in 2015.

In 2018, after much deliberation, James decided to locate the 2 inch reels from the sessions and finish work on the music they'd recorded.

The Philthy Lies album, released on Heavy Psyche Sounds in 2019, showcases James’s strong, hook filled song-writing, plenty of harmony, formidable guitar, Owen’s growling bass and, of course, features Philthy’s undeniable pioneering drumming style that oozes with attack and Motörspirit!

Philthy Lies album by Little Villains

The Taylor Made album, released by Cleopatra Records in 2020, showcases more of James's songs and Philthy's unmistakeable drumming. It also features Alan Davey of HAWKWIND on bass guitar.

Taylor Made album by Little Villains

Philthy Lies and Taylor Made are fitting epitaphs for one of the world’s very best rock ‘n’ roll drummers.

In February 2020, the band recorded Achtung Minen at the Stujo in LA. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band were unable to tour so they spent their time making videos for seven singles from the album:

  • Big Ben
  • Bullet Belt
  • Feelin' Alrite
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Jitter Juice
  • On the Fields of Cleckhuddersfax
  • There Ain't No Cider on the Rider

They can viewed on YouTube.

LITTLE VILLAINS are currently working on new songs for their fourth album, The Battle of Britain. Their story will continue...

Little Villains

Learn More About Little Villains

You can learn more about Little Villains on: 

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Tour Dates

Taylor Made tour, TBC 2020

Tour postponed due to COVID-19. More tour dates coming soon...

More Lies European tour, November 2019

Little Villains No More Lies Tour Poster

Philthy Lies European tour, April and May 2019

Little Villains Philthy Lies Tour 2019

Plus a final night 'end of tour party' at The Poacher, Portishead, UK on Saturday 18th May 2019

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Little Villains LA 8
Achtung Minen by Little Villains
James Childs
Taylor Made
Little Villains Philthy Lies album
Owen Childs
Chris Fielden
Little Villains LA 4
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More videos can be seen on the Little Villains YouTube channel.

Hawker Hurricane

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few…”

Released in memory of ‘the few’ to commemorate the 80th anniversary of The Battle of Britain, 'Hawker Hurricane' is the first single released from the Achtung Minen album. 

A lot of the footage in the video was filmed at Middlezoy Aerodrome in the UK. Huge thanks to Simon Childs and Paul Childs for making this possible.

You can learn more about the history of The Battle of Britain via the Royal Airforce Benevolent fund.

Taylor Made

'Taylor Made' is the title track from the Taylor Made album.

Melony Blue

'Melony Blue' is the third single released from the Taylor Made album.


'Aeroplane' is the second single released from the Taylor Made album.

Taylor Made Documentary

A documentary about the making of Little Villains’ second album, Taylor Made

The first part of the video features James Childs, talking about the history of the album: how he recorded the tracks with Philthy Animal Taylor, finding the sessions years later having thought they were lost, Alan Davey of Hawkwind playing bass on the album and the release on Cleopatra Records.

The second part of the video features Helen Taylor-Greenwood, Phil’s sister, talking with Little Villains’ current drummer, Chris Fielden, about Phil, Motörhead, Little Villains and much more. We’d like to say a big thank you to Helen for her support and providing such a personal and interesting interview.

I Am Dying

'I Am Dying' from the Philthy Lies album.

Running Around

'Running Around' from the Philthy Lies album.

What on Earth

'What on Earth' from the Philthy Lies album.

Philthy Lies Documentary

A documentary (or rockumentary, if you will) by James Childs about forming rock group Little Villains with Philthy Animal Taylor & Owen Street, focusing on recording the Philthy Lies album in 2007.

More Lies European Tour

Little Villains' More Lies European Tour took place in November 2019. The tour consisted of 9 gigs in Belgium, Czechia, Germany and the UK.

The song featured in the video is called 'I Am Dying', taken from the Philthy Lies album. The opening live music is taken from the Radio Benelux show on this tour.

The video also features guest appearances from AD/HD, Rockin' Rob Rowles and Chris Cockrell at shows in Germany and the UK.

Philthy Lies European Tour

Little Villains' Philthy Lies European Tour took place in April and May 2019. The tour consisted of 22 gigs in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, England, Germany, Holland, Italy and Wales.

The songs featured in the video are: 'In The Head' - from the Philthy Lies album; 'In His Blood' - a new song that is yet to be released; 'Attack' - from the Philthy Lies album.

Big thanks to Anders Jacobson, Bas Dielemans, CiHellNa, Geoff Rose, Lisa Wooldridge and Onstage Club for providing the shots of Little Villains playing live.

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